Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Turtle Whisperer

A friend of mine rescues turtles she finds as strays along the roads. Feeling like they have lost their way, she picks them up and brings them home to her ranch to give them a new home with green pastures and a pond with lots of vegetation. Her most recent turtle discovery was a box turtle that was with eggs!!!

I saw her with this turtle and it was amazing!!! This turtle wasn't afraid and responded to my friends strokes of it's shell and such like they were best friends! My friend, after realizing that this turtle was with eggs, put her in the pasture next to her pond. I know how fondly she felt about this turtle so I wanted to give her a lasting memory of this turtle so I woodburned her a picture of a Box Turtle in the pasture

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Starrydance said...

I love this! Such a wonderful story and your realism is so delicious! <3