Friday, September 19, 2008

Etsy Makeover!

When I first joined Etsy, I didn't have a clue how to make a banner for my store. Today, I still don't know how. My sweet husband came to my rescue and made my first Etsy banner which has served my Etsy store very well.

Each day I learn more and more about how to promote my Etsy store. Since I have added more things to my store that have little if anything to do with pyrography, I thought it may be time for a new banner that doesn't just reflect on my woodburnings. It was really just a passing thought cause I didn't want to take the time to learn how to make a banner. After all, I have lots of other things I could be doing! I really wanted a new banner though.

Before diving into this task, I decided to look around the forums on Etsy. I couldn't believe it! Right there on my screen a new forum just posted "Free etsy Banner". The post said that the first person to send her a convo would win a free banner. I couldn't believe nobody had posted to this yet. I felt like a cat pouncing on a mouse! Gotta get it! Gotta get it! and I got it!!!

Goodmojo was the etsy store offering the free banner. Vickie, from made me not one, but two wonderful banners for my etsy store as well as a new avatar. Vickie made the process absolutely painless for me.

So, if you are looking to makeover your etsy shop you should definitely check out for some great banners with fall colors and even some for halloween. If you don't see what you are looking for just pop her a convo and I'm sure Vickie will fix you right up!

Be sure and stop by my shop and let me know what you think about my Etsy shop makeover.


di said...

Hi Tia, Your banner and avitar do look great! I'm so glad you are going to join me in the 30/30 Challenge! I think this will be a great learning experience and lots of fun too! I will post a short list of questions for you on my blog in the next couple of days and ask everyone to email or convo me their info prior to the end of the month. Talk to you soon, Di

di said...

Hi Tia, got your message! Sounds like a great goal! Di