Saturday, May 30, 2009

CPSIA Labeling

In August of 2009 the CPSIA requires all manufacturers of children's items to label each item, not just the packaging, with a permanent label. This label must contain the maker's name, address, item name, lot number, style number, and that it meets all compliant regulations and was tested. If you change lots - meaning you use a different fabric, a different embellishment, a different color then those items are a new lot and they need a set of labels. Even the smallest of accessories must have a label!

I am all for keeping our children safe but the CPSIA's expectations for this labeling are ridiculous!

The labeling is in section 103 of the 62 page CPSIA law, but here are 2 other links that give a good summary

Please check out and sign the petition at this link.


Pam said...

ROFLOL! I wonder if you sent this to Congress, would they would finally get it? Probably not, but I do and unfortunately, after the first reaction, it's not all that funny any more.

I just read a post from a guy fighting the labeling. You need to send it to him. I'll see if I can find the site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this as well as the links! I crochet and have no idea how this labeling requirement is going to work without actually reducing the quality of my product!